Red Dog Firearms Inc.

Red Dog Firearms Inc. In Chardon

We buy used firearms.

We carry New and Used firearms, and we have one of the best ammo selections in the Chardon area.  And we are always on the look out for used firearms. 

We have a new line of "Hide a Gun" shelves. These are a great idea for having your home personal protection quickly at hand but out of sight to the common guest. The  shelves are very functional as well since you can still use them as a coat rack.

Gift Certificates available !!

Download any free QR code scanner to your smart phone and scan this code!!

If you are tech savvy check out our new QR code. It will help make your Red Dog Firearms experience better. You can use this to keep in better contact with us and find out about sales or whatever other cool stuff we have in store for the future. 

            Special Orders

We are happy to special order a firearm for you. If you don't see what your looking for ask us and maybe we can get it.  All we ask for is 20 percent on time of order.

Russian M-44 rifles are now in stock. Come check out one of these inexpensive pieces of history. Chambered in  7.62x54r